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Headquarters and manufacturing plant

S.A.M. - metalizační společnost s.r.o.
Hájecká 12
618 00 Brno
Česká Republika (CZ)

IČ: 49974513
DIČ: CZ49974513

For further information on our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our employees are at your disposal for technical consultations and business matters associated with the applications we offer.


Ing. Emil Dvořáček

Radan Dvořáček
Authorized Signatory

International Communication

Coordinating all foreign sale and purchase services, such as purchase and sales orders, purchase of material and technological components.

Denisa Dvorackova

Sales Department

tel.: +420 543 246 639
mob.: +420 724 064 063

Production Department

Radan Dvořáček
Production Manager
tel.: +420 543 246 639


Mgr. Denisa Dvořáčková
tel.: +420 724 701 107