In 2006, the Quality Management System was implemented and subsequently ISO certified (ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009).

In 2013, based on a ČEZ a.s. audit, the company was found to fully comply with the requirements specified under Decree No. 132/2008 on the Quality Assurance System for carrying out activities connected with the utilization of nuclear energy and radiation protection, in particular in relation to the renovation of metallic surfaces of machine parts using thermal spray applications.

All operations are performed in accordance with the relevant EU standards.

The production processes involving thermal spray applications are supervised by Ing. Emil Dvořáček, expert guarantor, who has been working on practical applications for over 30 years. He has participated in numerous international conferences, and in 1994, jointly organized the very first National Conference on Thermal Spray and Plasma Applications. Mr. Dvořáček has also assisted in the setting up of many thermal spray workshops in companies in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as either a technical consultant or trainer.

S.A.M. – metalizační společnost, s.r.o. organizes regular (quarterly) training sessions for its employees. This internal training programme is comparable to ETS and ETSS courses organized by the Czech Welding Society ANB (similar theoretical and practical parts).

Beyond the requirements set out under European standards, employees are also trained in material science (material structures and properties) under the guidance of Doc. Ing. Ladislav Čelko, Ph.D. from CEITEC.

Certificates issued by S.A.M. are non-transferable.