Renovation of capstans, drawing rolls and pulleys for wire production

We are experienced in renovating the worn surfaces of drums, rollers and pulleys for wire production. We offer repairs by combination of Thermal Spraying Technologies with welding technologies or separately.

  • electric arc spraying + plasma spraying (APS)
  • electric arc spraying + HVOF
  • welding + ARC spraying
  • welding + APS spraying

The rich selection of materials allows us to customize the properties of the coating to the operational requirements. The final coating is machined to the required dimension and shape in the prescribed tolerances. In most cases, there are requirements of high hardness (1000 - 2000 Vickers) and surface roughness Ra < 0.1. We achieve these properties by the right choice of material type and machining final coating by suitable diamond tools.

Methodology of wire drawing machine renovation

  • input control - indication, detection of its wear grade, choice of technology and material type for the application
  • machining of the damaged surface by turning or grinding according to the technological requirement
  • surface blasting
  • (welding)
  • grinding or turning
  • blasting for thermal spraying
  • thermal spraying (selected technology)
  • machining of the coating by turning or grinding
  • output control

The most used thermal spray materials for drum and roller surfaces

  • carbon steel 0.1% C
  • carbon steel 0.8% C
  • WCCo
  • WCCoCr
  • Cr2O3
  • CrC3

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